Why Is Pete’S Dragon Rated PG?

Why is Axl rated PG?

Why is “A.X.L.” rated PG.

The MPAA rating has been assigned for “sci-fi action/peril, suggestive material, thematic elements and some language.” The Kids-In-Mind.com evaluation includes some cleavage, a bare chest, some violence but negligible gore and a few scatological terms..

Is there going to be a Pete’s Dragon 2?

It is the sequel to 2016’s Pete’s Dragon. This film will be in development.

Does Axl die?

Miles turns it on, and a signal appears, indicating that AXL is still somehow alive. AXL, a robot dog killing machine developed by Crane Systems, escapes the facility where he was created and is found by a young man named Miles.

Does Pete’s Dragon have a sad ending?

The last scene shows Elliot in a beautiful canyon, flying around with many other dragon friends who looked just like him. Both Pete and Elliot ended up with the happy ending they both deserved.

Is Elliot real in Pete’s Dragon?

Live-action shots were filmed using Panavision Panaflex cameras, while Elliot the dragon was animated entirely by Weta Digital using CGI, rather than the hand-drawn animation of the 1977 original. On September 19, 2014, Disney cast Oakes Fegley and Oona Laurence to star as Pete and Natalie.

Is Pete’s Dragon a musical?

Pete’s Dragon is a 1977 American live-action/animated musical fantasy film directed by Don Chaffey, produced by Jerome Courtland and Ron Miller, and written by Malcolm Marmorstein.

Is Pete’s Dragon scary?

Pete’s Dragon is a Disney fantasy about a young boy brought up in the forest by a dragon. It is a great movie for most of the family, but some of the scenes are quite scary and might be too intense for younger viewers.

Is Pete’s Dragon on Netflix 2020?

Disney’s live-action Pete’s Dragon is now available on Netflix! Based off the 1977 animated film, this new version stars Bryce Dallas Howard, Oakes Fegley, Wes Bentley, Karl Urban and Robert Redford. The film opened in theaters on August 12, 2016.

Is Axl real?

Plot. A-X-L is a top-secret, robotic dog created by Andric, a Craine Systems scientist, to help protect tomorrow’s soldiers. … Code-named by the Craine Systems scientists who created him, A-X-L (Attack, eXploration, Logistics) embodies the most advanced next-generation artificial intelligence.

Is Pete’s Dragon on Amazon Prime?

Watch Pete’s Dragon (2016) (With Bonus Content) | Prime Video.

What happens to the Dragon in Pete’s Dragon?

Pete reunites with Elliot and sees that he is now with five other dragons. The family watches as the dragons fly away together. Pete’s parents die in a car accident, so he lives with Elliot the dragon for six years before being found by Grace Meacham and her soon-to-be-stepdaughter Natalie.

Is James and the Giant Peach appropriate for school?

With some scary moments and instances of parent figure bullying, we would recommend ‘James and the Giant Peach’ as suitable for children aged 5 and over. Bad Language: 1/5 (one character says, ‘You, sir, are an ass.”)