Where Is The Best Climate In Australia?

How do I decide where to live in Australia?

How To Choose Where To Live In AustraliaJobs.

First on your list should be where you can find work.


Once you’ve worked out where you might get work, look at housing options and costs.


Getting Around.

Restaurants, Bars & Nightlife.



Travel Potential.Mar 1, 2019.

Where is the warmest place in Australia in winter?

Port Douglas, Queensland.Port Douglas, Queensland. Average winter temp: 25C. … Darwin, NT. Average winter temp: 32C. … Broome, WA. Average winter temp: 30C. … The Kimberley, WA. Average winter temp: 31C. … Cairns, Queensland. Average winter temp: 25C. … Kakadu, NT. Average winter temp: 32C. … The Whitsundays, Queensland.Jun 21, 2017

What is the coldest month in Australia?

JulySummary. In most parts of Australia, the coldest night and day typically occur during July, several weeks after the June winter solstice. However, every year is different and in most areas we can get the coldest temperatures at any time from autumn to spring.

What is the most sunniest place on earth?

YumaAccording to the World Meteorological Organization, Yuma (Arizona) is the sunniest place on earth. It has a total of 11 hours of sunlight in winter and up to 13 in summer. This means Yuma experiences an average of 4,015 hours of sunshine per year. At first this sounds fantastic.

How many hours of daylight in Australia in summer?

14 hoursIn Sydney and Perth, summer days are only around 14 hours long, although winter days last for 10 hours. In tropical Australia, the length of the day is close to 12 hours all year around.

Which city in Australia has the best weather?

PerthPerth arguably has the best Australia Day weather, experiencing just 8 Australia Day’s of rain since 1900 with an average of 2.9mm of rain falling on these days. It also has the highest average maximum temperature at 30.4°C with 61 of the past 116 Australia Days above 30°C.

What is the safest town in Australia?

SydneySydney has been named the safest city in Australia. Sydney is Australia’s safest city and the fifth safest in the world, according to The Economist’s 2019 Safe Cities Index.

Where should I retire in Australia?

Australia’s best spots to retireAccess to health facilities, affordability and weather are all important factors to consider when choosing the best places to live in your retirement years. … Hobart and Launceston, Tasmania. … Brisbane and Gold Coast, Queensland. … South Coast, New South Wales. … Melbourne, Victoria.

What is the most Bogan town in Australia?

Australia’s top bogan suburb – They name a few in Canberra! I was looking at the punch today and they have a list of Australia’s top bogan suburbs: Albion Park NSW, Dandenong Vic, Kambah ACT, Redcliffe Qld, Wyoming NSW, Salisbury SA, Chigwell Tas, Ipswich Qld, Rockingham WA, Moe Vic.

Where is the best place to live in Victoria Australia?

Where to live in VictoriaSoldiers Hill. 5/5. Ranked 1st best suburb in Victoria. … Belmont. 5/5. Ranked 2nd best suburb in Victoria. … Kilmore. 5/5. Ranked 3rd best suburb in Victoria. … Scarsdale. 5/5. Ranked 4th best suburb in Victoria. … Glen Huntly. 5/5. Ranked 5th best suburb in Victoria. … East Geelong. 4.5/5. … Hillside. 4.5/5. … San Remo. 4.5/5.More items…

Where is the warmest place to live in Australia?

DarwinThe other place of the continent, which has very hot climate all year around is the northern-most part of Cape York Peninsula, but there is no big cities and the area is rare populated. Because of this reason, here on the shore of the Arafura Sea you can find the warmest city in Australia – Darwin.

Where is it warm all year round in Australia?

SydneySydney enjoys a sunny, Mediterranean-style climate all year round with more than 340 sunny days per year. Summers are warm to hot and winters are mild, with rainfall spread fairly evenly throughout the year.

What is the sunniest city in Australia?

PerthPerth, Western Australia In fact, it’s officially the sunniest capital city in the world, with an average of eight hours of sun per day, year-round.

Which Australian city has the worst weather?

Melbourne35 Answers. Melbourne has the most disgustingly coldest weather in Australia.

Is Australia hotter than India?

Australia is hotter than India, especially the northern part. But the country is less populous and the southern part of the country where most of the people live is less hot than India. … Different parts of the country have different types of weather. In Australia, even timezones differ from state to state.

Where in Australia is the cheapest place to live?

AdelaideAdelaide. Australia is an expensive country, so of course in global terms you might argue that there simply aren’t any cheap cities to live. However if affordability is your absolute top priority, then Adelaide is probably your best option and it is the cheapest city in Australia according to our research.

Which state in Australia has the most sunshine?

WAWA is also home to the sunniest region in the country, with the western Pilbara including Port Hedland being the only place in Australia to record an annual average of more than 10 hours a day of sunshine.

Where is the best place to live in Australia?

Best Places to Live in Australia1AdelaideSouth Australia2BrisbaneQueensland3CanberraAustralian Capital Territory4HobartTasmania5MelbourneVictoria2 more rows

What is the best country town to live in Australia?

100 Best Towns in Australia – 1 to 10#1 – Yamba, NSW. … #2 – Esperance, WA. … #3 – Port Douglas, QLD. … #4 – Broome, WA. … #5 – Port Fairy, VIC. … #6 – Beechworth, VIC. … #7 – Byron Bay, NSW. … #8 – Apollo Bay, VIC.More items…

What is the most common crime in Australia?

AssaultAssault was the most common principal offence (29% or 692 offenders). Illicit drug offenders decreased by 19% since 2018–19. Despite the decrease, around one in eight (12%) offenders had an illicit drug related principal offence (287 offenders).

What city has the lowest cost of living?

11 of the Most Affordable Cities in the U.S.BUFFALO, NEW YORK. Buffalo offers low median housing costs without succumbing to some of the cultural deprivations common in “affordable” cities. … KANSAS CITY, MISSOURI. … DAYTON, OHIO. … OMAHA, NEBRASKA. … BIRMINGHAM, ALABAMA. … LOUISVILLE, KENTUCKY. … MEMPHIS, TENNESSEE. … GREENVILLE, SOUTH CAROLINA.More items…