Quick Answer: What’S A Rude Girl?

What is a rude boy slang?


( in Britain) a member of a group of often delinquent teenagers in the late 1970s and early 1980s, noted for listening to ska music and wearing suits with trilby or similar soft felt hats..

What does rude girl mean in Jamaica?

Derived from the term “rude boy”, this expression is normally used to refer to a rebellious or free spirited young woman. Patois: Big up to all a di rude gyal dem inna di building. English: Props to all of the rude girls in the building.

What are slang words for cigarettes?

Cigarettes have accumulated a variety of nicknames such as “smokes”, “butt”, “square” (from the shape of the box), “cigs”, “ciggies”, “stogs”, “stogies”, “stokes”, “snouts”, “tabs” (especially in NE England), “loosey” (a single cigarette), “backwards”, “bogeys”, “boges”, “gorts”, “ciggy wiggy dilly’s”, “darts”, “ …

What is a patty boy?

In Jamaican Patois, batty boy (also batty bwoy, batty man, and chi chi bwoy/man) is a swear word often used to refer to a gay or effeminate man. … The term derives from the Jamaican slang word batty, which refers to buttocks or anus.

What does the word rude mean?

Rude describes a type of behavior that isn’t appropriate and usually isn’t very nice, either — like yelling “You stink!” at a children’s talent show. Rude refers to bad behavior or just plain bad manners. For example, children are taught to say “please” and “thank you” or they are considered rude.

What does Rude Boy mean in Jamaica?

noun. (in Jamaica) a lawless urban youth who likes ska or reggae music. ‘Suits modeled on those of the Jamaican rude boys were often worn in the evening, but day or night, the skinhead look was hard, masculine, and working-class. ‘

What is a down girl?

Being a down chick is in part a performative act. … “She is the type of woman who will wait for a man if he is incarcerated, who will take a man back if he is unfaithful, and will fight for or over him including with other women.”

What does Rassclaat mean?

expression of shock, surprise, frustration11. Interjection. An expression of shock, surprise, frustration, or annoyance. bloodclaat, bumboclaat, raas, raasclaat, raashole, rass.

Why do Jamaicans call police Babylon?

Babylon is an important Rastafari term, referring to governments and institutions that are seen as in rebellion against the will of Jah (God).

What does wasteman mean in Jamaica?

Worthless person. Someone who is utterly useless, has done nothing at all with their life and has made little to no contribution to society. Patois: Him a wasteman, thirty six an still liv inna him madda house.

What did applesauce mean in the 1920s?

Feel free to add in elements of your ‘daily life’ – talking about school, cars, love interests, fashion, etc. Applesauce. A term of derogation; nonsense; same as. baloney, bunk, banana oil, hokum, or. horsefeathers.

What’s a bunter slang?

Noun. bunter (plural bunters) (archaic) A woman who picks up rags in the streets. (archaic, by extension) A low, vulgar woman.

What is a Gasper?

a person who gasps. British old-fashioned, slang a cheap cigarette. informal something that shocks one or causes one to gasp in astonishment.

What does Bumbaclot mean?

According to Know Your Meme, Bomboclaat can also be spelled Bumbaclaat, Bumbclaat or Bumbaclot. It is an expletive Jamaican Patwah slang word for a menstrual pad or toilet paper. The phrase is used as an insult or an interjection expressing disgust or anger.

What is a don dada?

Definitions of “Don dada” (Slang) The highest ranking boss in any activity; the most respected.