Quick Answer: Is Axl Real?

Does Axl die in the movie?

Miles turns it on, and a signal appears, indicating that AXL is still somehow alive.

AXL, a robot dog killing machine developed by Crane Systems, escapes the facility where he was created and is found by a young man named Miles.

The two form a bond, along with Miles’s crush Sara..

What sequels are coming out in 2020?

The Most Anticipated Movie Sequels of 2020Bad Boys For Life (JAN 27)A Quiet Place 2 (MAR 20)No Time to Die (APRIL 8)Legally Blonde 3 (MAY 8)Wonder Woman 1984 (JUNE 5)Top Gun: Maverick (JUN 26)Ghostbusters: Afterlife (JULY 10)Bill & Ted Face the Music (AUG 21)More items…•Jan 8, 2020

What does Axl stand for in the movie?

We’re introduced to AXL (pronounced, “Axle”) in a helpful, introductory computer simulation/marketing slideshow. The acronym stands for “attack,” “exploration,” and “logistics,” meaning that it can display its skills with radar or a massive machine gun, depending on the situation.

What is the movie Axl about?

A.X.L. is a top-secret, robotic dog that has advanced artificial intelligence created by the military. After an experiment gone wrong, A.X.L. is discovered hiding in the desert by Alex, a kindhearted outsider who finds a way to connect with the robot. The two soon develop a special friendship based on trust, loyalty and compassion. Helping Miles gain confidence, A.X.L. goes to any length to protect his new companion, including facing off against the scientists who want their creation back.A-X-L/Film synopsis

Is Axl movie on Netflix?

Yes, A.X.L. is now available on American Netflix. It arrived for online streaming on March 20, 2019.

How does the movie Axl end?

AXL helps Miles and Sara get out, just as military officials arrive to seize AXL. AXL and Miles break out, leaving Andric and Randall to get arrested. The drones and a military helicopter go after AXL. He and Miles share one final moment as AXL runs off into the distance so that he can self-destruct to avoid captivity.

Are they going to make an Axl 2?

It was a decent enough movie, if a bit predictable, and they gave it a ‘there could be a sequel’type of ending, but given its underperformance, it seems unlikely to get a sequel…. there is an outside chance some direct-to-DVD sequel could be made, but even that doesn’t seem very likely at this point.

Is Axl OK for kids?

Why is “A.X.L.” rated PG? The MPAA rating has been assigned for “sci-fi action/peril, suggestive material, thematic elements and some language.” The Kids-In-Mind.com evaluation includes some cleavage, a bare chest, some violence but negligible gore and a few scatological terms.

What is Axl?

The Administrative XML Web Service (AXL) is a XML/SOAP based interface that provides a mechanism for inserting, retrieving, updating and removing data from the Unified Communication configuration database.

Is Axl a Scrabble word?

AXL is not a valid scrabble word.

Is Axl a good movie?

A silly but enjoyable movie that would have felt right at home in the VHS era. March 20, 2019 | Rating: 2.5/5 | Full Review… A.X.L. is a sloppy, derivative outing, devoid of originality and uninterested in making any real effort.

Where is Axl filmed?

Filmed On Location in Santa Clarita A.X.L.