Question: Could A Raptor Kill At Rex?

How many Raptors does it take to kill at Rex?

T-Rex has 34 HP, and raptors have 15 HP.

Each raptor will deal 2 damage per turn on average, and the T-Rex can probably get rid of one raptor per turn by munching or with its tail attack.

Six raptors should be able to topple the mighty beast..

What dinosaur can kill at Rex?

SpinosaurusIt features a fight between Tyrannosaurus rex and Spinosaurus. Because the Spinosaurus won the fight, the scene became very infamous among fans.

Could you kill at Rex with a pistol?

Getting away from old T REX would be DAMNED unlikely, but you could probably kill him with a pistol by loading it with hollow point bullets doped with A powerful poison. Depending on the poison, and where you hit him with a full clip, he might go down within a minute or two, or he might live for a day or a week.

What was bigger than at Rex?

Bigger than both T. … rex and Gigantosaurus, it lived in the swamps and rivers of North Africa during the Cretaceous Period, about 112 million to 97 million years ago.

Can Velociraptors live with T Rex?

Pairing carnivores together To save more room, you can pair carnivores together as well. … A few examples of carnivores that work together include coupling Velociraptors, the Deinonychus, or the Dilophosaurus with a T-Rex, the Metriacanthosaurus, or the Ceratosaurus.

Can a velociraptor kill a human?

Just one Velociraptor could probably kill a human (I am assuming a large, 50 pound raptor and a human male of about 180 pounds), but it would have to ambush him. … They would probably be really intimidated by something as tall as a human. Still, a group of three or four dedicated raptors could easily fell a human.

Can anything kill Rex?

A Tyrannosaurus Rex might be known for its ferocious bite, but now scientists say a caiman that lived eight million years ago, had a bite TWICE as powerful.

Which Raptor kills Hoskins?

DeltaDelta was a Velociraptor that was trained along with the rest of her pack by Owen Grady. She is known for being responsible for the death of Vic Hoskins. She’s the second oldest of the four raptors.

What animal today is closest to a dinosaur?

It turns out the king of the dinosaurs actually shares a surprising amount of DNA with modern day chickens! In fact, birds are commonly thought to be the only animals around today that are direct descendants of dinosaurs.

How did the Indominus Rex die?

As it is about to kill the Indominus Rex, the Velociraptor “Blue” reappears and attacks it. This enables the Tyrannosaurus to re-engage in battle. As they push the I-Rex to the lagoon, the Mosasaurus bursts out of the water and drags the Indominus Rex to the bottom of the lagoon, killing it once and for all.

What is the most scariest dinosaur ever?

Tyrannosaurus rexTyrannosaurus rex The “king of the tyrant lizards” will always be one of the scariest and deadliest dinosaurs around with a bite force three times that of a great white shark – making it the strongest bite force of any land animal that has ever lived.

Could at Rex kill an elephant?

The T-Rex was the apex predator and its basic frame of mind is to kill.. The elephants basic frame of mind is to survive. an adult T Rex v/s an Adult African elephant – 9 out of 10 times – the T Rex will kill..

Who was the baddest dinosaur?

SpinosaurusAs long as a school bus and as heavy as an elephant, the Spinosaurus was the largest predatory (animal-eating) dinosaur to have existed — even bigger than Tyrannosaurus rex. But its size isn’t the most important thing about the Spinosaurus.

What was the smartest dinosaur?

TroodonTroodon was a meat-eater the size of a man, with a brain as big as an avocado pit. It was not only the smartest dinosaur, but the smartest animal of dinosaur times, including our ancestors — the mammals of the Mesozoic Era.

Is the Indoraptor smarter than the Indominus Rex?

I personally say when the conditions are fair for both sides, Indoraptor has the slight advantage, since it is faster and smarter than the Indominus, but it may end in a tie, due to the Indominus’s size and durability.

What can kill a mosasaurus?

Mosasaurus attacks Spinosaurus, but couldn’t land a hit until, he crush Spinosaurus onto the ocean floor and tosses him to the ice sheet above and crash into Spinosaurus. However, Spinosaurus uses the icicles above to kill Mosasaurus and was successful, thus killing Mosasaurus.

Are Raptors really smart?

How smart were velociraptors, really??? Velociraptors were Dromaeosaurids, among the dinosaurs with the very highest level, so they were truly smart among dinosaurs. On this ranking, they were probably a bit smarter than rabbits and not quite as smart as cats and dogs.

Would a 50 cal kill at Rex?

50 cal or 20mm (or smaller, high grain count ammunition) could rip through flesh and bone for days, very likely passing through a dinosaur skull with little effort, assuming your aim was less than perfect (and with the recoil of such a round, that’s a reasonable assumption, if not properly braced).